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Oscar Winners Nude 2004-1990

2004 Best Actress Oscar - Hilary Swank for Million Dollar Baby 2004 Best Supporting Actress - Cate Blanchett for The Aviator
2003 Best Actress Oscar - Charlize Theron for the movie Monster 2003 Best Supporting Actress - Renee Zellweger Cold Mountain
2002 Best Actress Oscar - Nicole Kidman won for The Hours 2002 Best Supporting Actress - Catherine Zeta-Jones for Chicago

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2001 Best Actress Oscar - Halle Berry won for Monster's Ball 2001 Best Supporting Actress - Jennifer Connelly A Beautiful Mind
2000 Best Actress Oscar - Julia Roberts won for Erin Brockovich 2000 Best Supporting Actress - Marcia Gay Harden for Pollock
1999 Best Actress Oscar - Hilary Swank won for Boys Don't Cry 1999 Best Supporting Actress - Angelina Jolie Girl, Interrupted

1998 Best Actress Oscar - Gwyneth Paltrow for Shakespeare In Love 1998 Best Supporting Actress - Judi Dench for Shakespeare In Love
1997 Best Actress Oscar - Helen Hunt won for As Good As It Gets 1997 Best Supporting Actress - Kim Basinger for L.A. Confidential
1996 Best Actress Oscar - Frances McDormand for the movie Fargo 1996 Best Supporting Actress - Juliette Binoche English Patient

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1995 Best Actress Oscar - Susan Sarandon for Dead Man Walking 1995 Best Supporting Actress - Mira Sorvino for Mighty Aphrodite
1994 Best Actress Oscar - Jessica Lange won it for Blue Sky 1994 Best Supporting Actress - Dianne Wiest Bullets Over ...
1993 Best Actress Oscar - Holly Hunter won it for The Piano 1993 Best Supporting Actress - Anna Paquin won for The Piano

1992 Best Actress Oscar - Emma Thompson won for Howard's End 1992 Best Supporting Actress - Marisa Tomei for My Cousin Vinny
1991 Best Actress Oscar - Jodie Foster Silence Of The Lambs/i> 1991 Best Supporting Actress - Mercedes Ruehl The Fisher King
1990 Best Actress Oscar - Kathy Bates won for the movie Misery 1990 Best Supporting Actress - Whoopi Goldberg won for Ghost

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